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Privatpractice Dr. Hilton & Partner Duesseldorf

The Dermatologist Dr. Hilton & Partner is the largest privat office for skin diseases and allergies in NRW. All dermatologists have been trained in german university clinics.

Over 6 floors all kinds of medical and aesthetic conditions are treated: acne, atopic eczema, hair loss, warts, skin cancer and genital diseases, among many others. In the aesthetic department we offer treatments against wrinkels, spots, teleangiectasia and other aesthetic problems using botulinum toxin, fillers and high-end lasers.

This leading center in the heart of Düsseldorf with its large team of dermatologists is visited regularly by several international patients coming from Japan, Russia and the Middle East.

Our consultation hours go from 8 am to 8 pm with opening hours on Saturdays with 24-hour availability.

In the study center of our office we perform international clinical studies for the approval of new medical drugs according to international ethical standards and regulations by local authorities.

Dr. Hilton is allowed by the general medical council (Bundesärztekammer) to train residents seeking training in the field of ambulant dermatology, venereology and allergology up to the specialty exam.

Connected to the office is a large cosmetic department with focus on medical cosmetic and pedicure.