✭✭✭✭✭ ““It was important to me to look relaxed and not artificial…An art, which not many master, however Doctor Hilton definitely does…”
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Aesthetic medicine comprises the medical fields of aesthetic dermatology, plastic surgery and minimally invasive facial surgery. All these fields concentrate on altering and/or correcting the outer appearance.

Every person has their own individual “problem areas” that are more or less bothersome. Wrinkles, volume loss, stretch marks, spider veins or other disturbing changes to the skin often have a very adverse effect on a person’s well-being. For almost every disturbing flaw, there is an effective, as well as gentle, therapeutic answer available in the field of aesthetic medicine.

Depending on the area of treatment as well as the type and scope of the alteration to the skin, a variety of treatment methods are available either on their own or in combination. Botox® and Hyaluronic acid treatments, medical peelings, laser therapies, mesotherapy and injection lipolysis (fat reduction) are carried out in our practice in addition to minimally invasive cosmetic operations such as eyelid lifts.

The retention of a natural look is at the forefront of every wrinkle treatment and is made possible by the expert use of the most modern aesthetic therapeutic procedures. A natural result is always of the highest priority.

Problem Areas

  • Small Veins
  • Eyebrow Shape
  • “Laugh Lines”, “Crow’s Feet”
  • Dark Circles Around the Eyes
  • Sunken Skin in Upper Cheek Area
  • “Inverted, Invaginated or Retracted Nipples”
  • Frown Lines/Worry Lines
  • “You can tell the age of a woman by her neck”
  • Redistribution and/or Reduction of Fatty Tissue
  • Radial Lip Lines
  • Volume Loss Remedies
  • Small Indentations and/or Dimples in the ­­Chin Area
  • Lines and Creases Running from the Corner of the Mouth to the Chin
  • Fine to Deep Lines Between the Nostrils and Corner of the Mouth
  • Loose, Stretched Out Earlobes Spoil the Overall Appearance
  • Liver Spots, Freckles, Melasma
  • Lines Running Across the Forehead

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