Claudia Roth

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Doctor of Aesthetic Dermatology

1987- 1994Medical training at the University Clinic, Mainz, Dijon and Verona
October 1990 – March 1991ERASMUS – Scholarship from the University of Bourgogne in Dijon (France)
1995License to practice medicine
1994-1996Department of General Surgery at the Evangelical Hospital in Trier
1996-1999Public Health Studies at the HHU in Düsseldorf
1999 – August 2013Doctor, exclusively working in the area of aesthetic plastic surgery at the Kö Clinic, area of expertise: injection treatments with Botulinum toxin
Since 2009Medical training and continuing education for doctors in the field of aesthetic dermatology
Since 1. September 2013Dr. Hilton & Partner private practice
Since 1. September 2013Educator and Trainer at the Academy of Cosmetic Medicine, Düsseldorf


Areas of Expertise

Injection treatments with Botulinum toxin and fillers, upper eyelid lifting, skin rejuvenation, laser treatments


DGBT – German Association of Aesthetic Botulinum Toxin-Therapy
DGAuF – German Association of Augmentation and Wrinkle Therapy