Histological Staining

Conventional Staining:

Routine histological processing of specimens is carried out by means of hematoxylin-eosin (HE) staining.

Special Staining Techniques:

We carry out the following special staining techniques and processes:

  • PAS (Periodic-Acid-Schiff)
  • EvG (Elastica van Gieson)
  • FE (Iron Staining)
  • Giemsa
  • Alcian Blue PAS

Immunohistochemical Processing:

This is an important process for classifying (including subclassifications) special types of skin changes.

Diagnostics are carried out with the corresponding immunohistochemical antibodies.

We have our own, broad spectrum of antibodies available in our laboratory. This eliminates the need for transportation of specimens for external examination.

Moh’s Surgery Rapid Intraoperative Resection Assessment with Frozen Sections:

Also known as “Mohs surgery”, intraoperative examinations of resections allow same day confirmation of the complete removal of a tumor (RO resection) or residual tumor (R1 resection).

CCPDMA Complete Circumferential Peripheral and Deep Margin Assessment & 3D Histology:

The complex and elaborate dermato-histographical processing of tumors, with orientational markings made by the doctors carrying out the operations, enables precise localization information of the tumour and any extensions of the tumor.

A variety of processing techniques are used in our laboratory.

Among others, 3D histology which guarantees exhaustive and complete processing.

3D histology within the framework of microscopically controlled surgery (MCS) offers the highest level of security in the treatment of malignant skin tumours ensuring a genuine RO-resection. A high level of sensitivity means that operations take place that do not damage the tissue.  This is particularly important in the area of aesthetic dermatologic surgery. This is safer than traditional, conventional excision  – it saves a lot of effort and reduces unnecessary operations.

The 3D histology concept makes the possibility of no recurrence and excellent reconstruction a reality