Department of Pathology and Dermatohistopathology

After months of intensive preparations the Institute for Pathology and Dermatohistopathology opened on January 2nd, 2017. The new lab is located in the building directly across from the Dr. Hilton & Partners private practice, so that results can normally be provided within 1-2 working days.

One special feature of the lab is rapid intraoperative resection assessments (Mohs surgery) using quickly frozen sections.  It is particularly beneficial to patients with skin cancer, who are able to find out on the same day of an operation whether a tumor has been removed completely or whether further operations are necessary – this eliminates the need to return for another operation. It also offers added security to patients who can go home with the certainty of being free from tumors, and without having to experience a long waiting period.

The institute was set up and is run by Dr. Petra Jasker, a specialist in pathology who brings with her many years of experience in the area of dermatohistopathology.