Rapid Incision Examination (Mohs Surgery)

Frozen Sections

Results in 20-30 Minutes

This technology is now so advanced that it’s possible to get a histopathological result during the operation.

An experienced dermato-surgical operator takes the material to the pathologist. The pathologist provides the results to the operator (depending on the complexity) in ca. 20 to 30 minutes.

An accurate diagnosis can be counted on around 95% of the time. There remains a small amount of  uncertainty when working with cryosections. Absolute certainty comes with the results after they are embedded in paraffin.

As opposed to a classical approach where material is treated with a series of increasing alcohol levels and processed overnight, the time-consuming fixation and embedding in paraffin is eliminated with the rapid incision assessment. The samples are immediately frozen and sectioned within minutes.

The machine for rapid incision, called a Cryostat, has a microtome blade.

Since frozen section technology requires many years of experience from everyone involved, and is highly personnel intensive, it requires well considered indications.

The main focus of dermatological surgery is to be able to confirm the complete removal of a tumor (RO resection) or residual tumor (R1 resection).

Once it has been confirmed that a tumor has been completely removed and is benign (RO resection), the dermatological surgeon can close the wound immediately and there is no need for a second, time-consuming two-stage cover. This means that immediate wound closure can be carried out with flap surgery or something similar.