Skin Cancer Treatment

A variety of therapeutic options are available for treating skin cancer.

The most appropriate treatment depends on the individual type, extent and localization of the skin alteration. After a detailed examination and diagnosis, a personalized therapy plan is created together with the patient by the attending doctor.

When skin cancer is diagnosed, an operation to ensure the complete surgical removal is essential.

For superficial and flat basal cell carcinomas, Bowen’s disease or other early stages of skin cancer such as actinic keratosis, photodynamic therapy (PDT) offers a further, very effective and gentle method of treatment.

Laser therapy, on the other hand, is only implemented in the early stages of skin cancer (e.g. actinic keratoses) because it can be removed superficially.

Most dermatological operations take place on an outpatient basis and are carried out with a local anaesthetic. Only when the skin tumor is very large, often involving a skin transplantation and/or plastic reconstruction, does the patient have to be treated in a hospital stay.