Transportation of Samples


The materials required for transporting histological tissue sample are provided free of charge.

The Professional Association of German Pathologists has made its position on the anti-corruption law explicit:

The cost of all materials required for the transportation of samples may only be charged once for each case of treatment, this means the tissue sample containers, etc. along with the transportation of material to be examined, including infectious material, and including the costs for the communication of the findings of the analysis: Laboratory Diagnostics, Histology, Cytology.

Shipping materials from the sender can be ordered from us.

It’s important to pay special attention to ensure that materials are put into the containers filled with formalin as quickly as possible.

Please make sure that the material is covered at least 3 times over by formalin.

We favor using thread markings in histographic margin control.

Here it is recommended to use a short marker thread (cranial = 12 o’clock) and a long marker thread (lateral = 3 o’clock). This enables a precise clock position for possible re-excisions.

For an evaluation of possible Onychomycosis it makes sense to send nails in formalin. Further processing in a special solution is carried out in our laboratory.


Specimen Transport:

Transportation Service:

Histological specimens are picked up by our own transport service on a daily basis. The pick-up times are arranged based on individual needs and then added to our schedule.

Sending by Post:

If it is not urgent and you don’t want to use a transport service, we can provide the appropriate, ISO approved packaging material for sending your specimens by post.


We can be reached by phone at +49211 – 86 29 28 16 from outside of Germany, and 0211 – 86 29 28 16 from within Germany from Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 12:00pm and 2:00pm to 5:00pm.

You can also send us an email at:


Reporting Findings:

By Post:

Findings can be sent by post when desired.


When requested, it is possible to send findings by fax, especially in cases where it is urgent.

Please let us know in advance that the data protection of the documents is guaranteed. Hierzu teilen Sie uns bitte vorab mit dass der Datenschutz hinsichtlich der Dokumente gewährleistet ist.


Frozen section findings are communicated first by telephone.

Remote Data Transmission:

An electronic transmission of findings is carried out via remote data transmission. This data can be transferred to other practice system software.


Histology Reports:

Histology reports are always created in the same way and include a macroscopy, histology and assessment. The current TNM classification of malignant tumors is included in the assessment.