Study Center

Center for Clinical Studies (Phase II-IV)

Since 2010, national and international clinical studies (Phase II-IV) have been carried out for new medications/medicinal products in the fields of Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine in our Center for Clinical Studies.

We contribute to the research of methods of detection and treatment of human disease including ensuring the effectiveness and harmlessness of new procedures.

Our patients in the Study Center are under the personal care of specially trained study personnel, including highly qualified doctors, nurses and medical assistants. Our long-standing, experienced study team works according to all required standards and the safety and rights of study participants are of utmost priority.

What do we offer?

We have a fully equipped, modern Center of Studies with purpose-built premises.

Our doctors are for the most part specialists in Dermatology and have extensive experience in carrying out clinical studies.

Study assistants are medically skilled technicians, nurses or certified study nurses, who are also able to demonstrate many years of clinical study experience.

All the members of the validation group are trained in the ICH-GCP standards for medication clinical studies and GCP-ISO14155 standards for medical product clinical studies. Refresher courses take place regularly every two years.

We comply with the highest quality standards (e.g. SOP’s, intern evaluations, etc.). Audits and inspections are continually passed successfully without serious shortcomings.

There is high patient recruitment potential due to a large catchment area and advertising  (Facebook, flyers, newspaper advertisements) and inquiries from interested test persons from our database.

Study Center Equipment:

  • 1 separate lockable study office and examination rooms for carrying out visits, storing study medication and current study documentation (cabinets are also lockable)
  • 2 archives for storing study files (equipped with fire alarm, extinguisher, protected from solar radiation/water damage, air-conditioned, lockable and with entry control)
  • 1 separate monitor room with WIFI access
  • 1 refrigerator (with temperature controls (min. – max. thermometer))
  • 1 freezer (-20 °C, with temperature controls (min. – max. thermometer))
  • Air conditioning with constant temperature
  • 1 centrifuge
  • 1 special accuracy weighing machine
  • Blood pressure monitor, thermometer, body weight scale, height measurement equipment
  • Computer for entering eCRF’s
  • Fax machine
  • High speed internet connection

Form of patient files: digital files. Inspection for monitoring purposes possible at any time in the presence of the study assistant.

Contact for Patients

Are you interested in taking part in one of our current studies or want to be entered into our database for future studies?

We are continually on the lookout for new study participants.

We would be happy to make ourselves available to answer any of your questions.

You can reach us to make a non-binding inquiry by telephone: 0211 – 86 29 28 13 or email:

Participation in a clinical study is voluntary and free of cost. Most of the time we also reimburse your travel costs or any reasonable, related expenses.

Contact for Sponsors

Are you a sponsor or CRO and looking for a qualified center of studies with experience in the fields of Dermatology or Aesthetics?

We have a large pool of potential test persons and have excellent recruiting results.

Please contact our study team by telephone: 0211 – 86 29 28 13 or email:

Study Team